6 reasons to apply rhizobium to my soybean seeds

1.The only way to reach all the genetic potential of soybeans.

It is scientifically demonstrated that Bradyrhizobium japonicum is a natural symbiont of Soybean. Thanks to a synergistic evolution over thousands of years there is a perfect symbiosis whereby the plant builds a “house” for the bacteria in the roots (the nodules) and the bacteria fix atmospheric Nitrogen directly inside the plant. It is not possible to reach this potential using synthetic Nitrogen fertilisers.

2. More yield benefit and better quality.

By inoculating the seeds with high quality inoculants, the natural microbial population of the soil will be improved, therefore the plants will be colonised by the best strains in correct numbers, maximising the yield and the quality of your soybean.

  1.  Healthier for the soil.

Thanks to the elimination of synthetic nitrogen fertilisers, not only rhizobium, but also other beneficial microbes can repopulate the soil, improving the natural microbiota. It is demonstrated that the nitrogen content of the soil increases even the year after the inoculated soybeans were harvested (around 40 kg of N / ha), helping your crops in the following season.

  1. Environmentally friendly.

There is a significant evidence that the abuse of the synthetic nitrogen fertilisers provokes the eutrophication of the rivers, lakes and seas, and contributes to the extinction of aquatic life in the ecosystem. Thanks to the substitution of these chemicals by natural nitrogen fixation we can positively impact the ecosystem.

  1. Greater economic value.

The application of a good rhizobium-based inoculant is much more cost effective than any application of synthetic nitrogen to your soil.

  1. No increased health risks for you and others.

High solubility of nitrate in water and its low retention by soil particles make it a major component of groundwater in areas of high nitrate formation. Nitrate enters the human body by groundwater used for drinking and causes health disorders, namely, methemoglobinemia, gastric cancer, birth malformations, hypertension, etc., when present in high concentration in drinking water. Substituting the synthetic fertilisers with Rhizobium seed inoculation

Legume Technology has taken all of these reasons into account during the production process and proudly offers high quality and environmentally friendly inoculants, suitable for all major legume crops – LegumeFiX and LiquiFiX.


Dr. Daniel García-Seco, R&D Manager at Legume Technology, is Agronomist and Doctor cum laude in Biotechnology of the Rhizosphere, with  more than 12 years of experience developing projects about new biostimulants for academy and industry in Spain, France and UK.