Nitrogen ‘Fixing’ Inoculants for Legume Crops

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    Legume Technology value the efforts of distributors and realise that what might be a perfect solution in one market may not be right for a different market. By working with distributors we are able to provide advice on what is possible and how best to present a grower with an effective inoculant product for their crop.

    We look for distributors with technical knowledge and real market understanding so that we can build a market position in cooperation with distributors – offering the best products, the best service and competitive pricing.

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Legume Seed Treatments That Work…

with new products that offer ‘more than just nitrogen’

Developed in partnership with a wide range of distribution partners and end users, Legume Technology constantly strive to bring our core values of quality and service through to market with innovative new inoculant products that deliver ease of use and increased performance.

In development we have new formulations that bring ‘more than just nitrogen’  with bio-active additives, co-formulated multistrain rhizobial products and co-formulated products with bio-control and phosphate solublising strains.