LEGUMEFiX is available in 4 formulations to suit all major legume crops

We produce peat carrier products in pack sizes from 250g to 2.25kg. These units are sterilised by Gamma irradiation to give a sterile pack. As with all our products these, the specific nitrogen fixing strain is introduced to the carrier using an ‘aseptic’ filler to give a pure culture. Using gamma sterilised packs and pharmacuetical grade filling lines we produce a premium quality product with high numbers of benefifical bacteria . The attention to detail gives our products excellent shelf life even in warm storage conditions and zero contaminants. Available as stock for all major legume crop types and many niche crops by advance order.

Our liquid range is available in packs of 1L to 4L and can be supplied with either a simple tap fitment or a metering device, made specifically to our specification using injection molding, to give an accurate dosing method for on-farm treatment of larger soybean lots using an auger transfer system.

Pre-treatment products for larger seed types and pelleting strategies for small seeds are also available. Typically these products require site visits to ensure the application process maintains the viable counts required for storage/distribution of the seed. We would look to work with the customer to make sure the farmer recieves seed with an effective dose of viable bacteria.