Our history, our promise and our future aims

Legume Technology was established in 2000 and has steadily grown by customer referrals and by providing consistently high quality products. Competing against inoculant products from several global companies we are proud to offer a better customer experience – being able to offer flexibility that is impossible for larger companies (see our case studies on the Distrubtor page).

Our company began in 2000, producing around 1000 packs of inoculant in the first year. We now have 2 full aseptic production lines capable of producing 2000 packets a day. With a production capacity that far outstrips our current sales we are very keen to find distributors who want to sell high quality inoculant products. Over 99% of our sales are exported outside the UK and we successfully sell into more than 20 countries.

We are developing a new range of products that incorporate ‘added benefits’. We have research and development projects with industrial partners and research institutes and universities that are at the fore front of science techniques and understanding. Our aim is to enhance seedling health and early establishment as part of what our products offer.

 ‘more than just nitrogen’